Disjointed Organization

I write this surrounded by the visual evidences of an upcoming change.  Suitcases are stacked to my right, my bed is covered by vacuum-seal bags, and all around are scattered mini piles.  Yes piles.  Maybe piles.  Piles to deal with before I jump on a plane on the 27th and head to the Czech Republic.  I have determined to travel light as well as  create a semblance of order amidst the belongings I am leaving behind (to the generous care of a two older sisters).

In preparing for my quickly approaching travel, my emotions and perspectives have been of a variety atypical to my relaxed personality.  Personal doubt is soon met by excitement and then urgency.  This morning's emotions were quite cheery as I read emails from a couple superiors in the Czech Republic.  They shared details of housing and my transportation from Prague to the city in which I will be teaching.  There is nothing quite like details to nonsensically create a sense of comfort.  I am sure to find ease of heart in packing the suitcases which are presently silent and inactive companions.  Here goes. . .


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