It is common when discussing different nations and regions to discuss the topic of food.  Some of you might have the same question for me.  I think at present, it is safe to say that I have not really had a proper Czech meal.  Upon arriving here, my first meal in Praha was falafal.  I know, a bit strange, but I was walking around starě město and knew I ought to find something to eat.  I remembered a place that I had gotten Jordanian food last year and realized it was only a block away.

I have had some typical Czech breakfasts--yogurt and granola, rolls and meat and cheese, juice, coffee.  However, I have managed in my time here to eat middle-eastern food, Chinese food, and Greek food.  In my abode, I have a dorm fridge in my room as well as access to a kitchen which includes a microwave, hot plate, water kettle, and fridges.  I have not decided yet how much to cook for myself.   There is a bit of added effort with the location of the kitchen, but I think it will be a good way to meet people.  At present my fridge contains deli-style turkey (krúti prsní velisco) and ham (šunka), garlic cheese (bílý sýr s česnekem), plain yogurt (bílý jogurt), grape tomatoes (rajčata--I do not know how to specify this kind of tomato), part of a cucumber (okurka), multigrain bread (chléb vícezrnný) and jam (ovocná směs).  The turkey was purchased last night.  When ordering meat at a meat counter, you order in dekagrams.  Most packaged lunch meat came in 100 grams, so I ordered 10 dekagrams.  I think next time I'll get much more, because 100 grams is really just a couple of servings.

My lunches while I've been here have been mostly with people from the schools out somewhere.  My dinners and breakfasts have been variations of the contents of my fridge---ie sandwiches and yogurt and granola.  I've been eating a lot of fruit, but I just finished it off by consuming my last bánan at breakfast.  Before that I had some nectarines, apples, and plums.  For your viewing pleasure, below you will find a photo of last night's dinner in the communal kitchen.  A sandwich of bread, jam, meat, cheese, and cucumber, and some cherry tomatoes--the others didn't survive long enough to be photographed.  You'll also note the kitty cup which contains my fruit tea.
Note the kitchen I have at my disposal:


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