I am thankful for

During class on Thanksgiving, I couldn't help but introduce the class by asking students to tell me what they were thankful or grateful for.  I was already full of Thanksgiving cheer, but I couldn't help but grin to the fullest when a 17-year-old composition student hesitatingly uttered "I am thankful for my daddy?" in a cherubic, uncertain voice.  I am thankful for moments like this as well as many other things.  Here's a partial list:

Thank you, thank you, Lord for
·      lunch at Slunečnice (vegetarian restaurant)
·      lessons with four students in which you can have real conversations
·      Anežka sharing her orange with me
·      lovely colleagues
·      advent wreaths
·      European Christmas markets
·      electric tea kettles
·      colleagues that help me with Czech
·      over-obliging Czechs which praise my novice Czech and never humiliate me
·      the postal service
·      Your church
·      brothers and sisters all over the world
·      cleaning ladies that mop my room at 7:30 AM every Tuesday morning
·      reusable shopping bags
·      free Czech lessons
·      eggs so fresh they have feathers on their shells
·      hand-written correspondences
·      Christmas carols in Czech and English
·      wonderful sisters
·      being able to see Czechs that I’ve met in years past


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