Letter to Ježíšek

Dear Ježíšek*,

It's always a bit awkward to take up a new correspondence.  But, seeing as I'm here in the Czech Republic, it seems only fitting that I should follow some of the traditions.  So, here I sit, writing my first letter to you, Ježíšek, like so many Czechs around me (or like so many Czech children).  I hope you don't mind that I'm putting this in my blog, rather than following the tradition of putting it on my window.  It's probably faster to access through the internet anyways, don't you think?  Plus, I live on the 11th floor, and my window would be quite high up, but that wouldn't be difficult for Jesus. 

I want to thank you for such a lovely previous year living in this complex country and being blessed to meet new people and a new culture (you don't mind my writing in English, do you?).  I'm thankful for the new job and the new environment.  I am still especially thankful for the use of public transit--though I must confess that sometimes my little toes and fingers get cold on the walk or waiting at the tram stop in the evening (let's face it, my legs and arms often join the cold party as well).  So if you could bring something to warm my constantly-cold self, I'd be most appreciative.  You know the ability I've been given to be cold in all circumstances.  Moreover, I seem to average losing a scarf per hike I'm on, so something to help me stay warm in the mountains as well would be much appreciated.

There's not much I really could request, especially since I'll have the gift of spending Christmas with my family.  Granted, flight tickets are expensive, so if you wanted to cover the next transatlantic flight, I wouldn't mind.  (Or, if you wanted to just wave the last bit of my student loans away, I would be most grateful.)  I enjoy my simple existence with its low-key pleasures of fresh air, good cooking, and ample book/kindle reading.  Of course, there are many a book I'd be happy to acquire, but it seems there's always something at my disposal to read.

So, Ježíšek, I guess I'll draw my first annual letter to you to a close.  I'm sorry that it lacks the charm that children's letters probably bring, but some things have to be learned.


PS-Thanks for coming to this Earth, and happy birthday!

*Czechs have told me that Ježíšek is "Baby Jesus", but grammatically Ježíšek could also be an endearment for Jesus, so I think I'll think of it that way as I write.  


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