Carpe Cáceres‎

I have been blessed to have visited many countries between September 2011 and the present. Those I've visited you can see above (though it's hard to pick out St. Lucia without some zooming in the Caribbean). I did not watch travel documentaries and read handbooks and then select these destinations.  Rather, in each case I had some person that connected me with the country; either I had a friend living there, or a given city was chosen as a rendezvous point. This was the case with my spring break in Spain. I've long been interested in visiting Barcelona, but my dear friend Audra lives in Cáceres‎ and is recouping from an injury. So Cáceres‎ it was.  I highly recommend travelling on this principle of going where you know people. Because, often, people there know something about the place and secondly, you end up seeing places that may never be featured in a travel documentary.

So, I'll let you experience Cáceres‎ much as I did. Though my instinct is to check out a city, scope out its history, public transit, and so on before venturing in, I decided against it this time.  I wanted to be surprised by the gems that Cáceres‎ had to offer.  So, enjoy the following photos of this World Heritage City.


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