Teachers, do you use your powers for good or for evil?

December is nigh upon us, and with the Advent of Christ comes the ending of a year.  I see that my words into this non-existent space we call the internet have been fewer this year.  I credit that to being a teacher at the beginning of her career.  This is my second year at my current work, the second year of full-time teaching in which I bear the responsibility of curriculum development, assessment, attending regular staff meetings/parent-teacher meetings, and so forth.  Adjacent my table sits a a pile of Call of the Wild journals to correct; that it is 11 PM is no matter.  If I want to be a quality teacher, I need to give timely feedback on assessments.

Most things in life can either be approached from a spirit of thankfulness or one of complaint.  I choose thankfulness.  I'm thankful for these projects, because it means that I'm employed, that I have the freedom to give creative assignments, that I students who complete their homework, and so much more.  Being a teacher may require rising with the sun from dreams invaded by classrooms and students, but it also means that I am directly connected to the development of the minds and hearts of all 10 classes of students that I regularly teach--a burden and privilege not lightly to be borne.  One of my segunda students (think about 6th grade, Americans) called me "Super Teacher" today.  Like any superhero, I have to choose to use my powers for good or for evil.  Will I use my influence to inspire or discourage students?  To encourage them to push themselves or to allow them to be apathetic?  Will I instill in them a love for learning and a respect for hard work and self-discipline or will I incur their spite?  On days when I'm just as (or more) tired than my students, will I deplete their energy or acquire more energy by God's grace and pass that on instead?

I am blessed to have mostly good teachers and professors in my memory.  I don't recall any as being particularly unjust or lazy.  I deeply admire their commitment, and I pray and work that I may aspire to instill some of the values in my own students that I have thanks to them.  So, dear readers, my students' journals await grading.  Know that while I am silent in this virtual space, words are regularly going forth to my dear students.


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