Back-to-school absurd dreams

Usually it strikes a week or so before I'm back in school.  Stress dreams in which I can't get to a class on time or in which I'm teaching a different subject than I planned for (once I walked into a lesson and I was supposed to teach philosophy).  A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was at a conference where teachers from various schools were supposed to come with lessons for the students, and I walked in unprepared.  Another night I dreamt that I'd misread my schedule and hadn't finished prepping for an afternoon lesson, only to realize that I didn't have a lunch break.

This summer, I've continued having uncanny dreams,  including some school-related ones, but the extremity of emotion or absurdity seems to have increased, and the themes aren't always school-related, such as a dream from a couple nights ago.

I was visiting my Czech friend's mom for lunch.  We'd gotten into the lift to go up, but then her mom joined us in the lift because she needed to run to the grocery store.  As we got out of the lift, I had a golden cat with me who leapt onto the back of a horse.  I also jumped on, but the horse didn't seem too keen about carrying the cat.  Suddenly we were walking through a food court and I spotted a friend.  I really wanted to greet him, but for some reason I felt constrained.  As I waited for my friend's mom to make her purchase, I suddenly felt an urge to run back to check my schedule of when my lunch break finished.

Before I could do anything, I glanced over and next to the food court was a field after harvest.  Standing in it were what I knew instinctively to be deer; however, they had long necks and figures like llamas,  and their short fur was white with Dalmatian spotting.  I commented to a friend that I saw that there were many more scattered in the field if one looked carefully.  Then I saw a young deer which had the Dalmatian spotting but a form like a fox.  It came prancing from the field and began tussling with the golden cat.  The other deer became agitated and began stampeding towards all of us in the food court.  We began running, and along the way I saw a student and some colleagues.

Cheers to a new school year.


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