28th Birthday: still young enough to admit my age

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday: my last birthday with no kids (outside of the womb).

Last year, as a mark of a very mature 27-years-old, I cooked dinner for a group of friends and then we assembled in my living room for a showing of Beauty of the Beast.  I think the Czechs in attendance found it quite entertaining to see a group of grown Americans bursting out in "Bonjour, good day, how is your family?" and then never really stopping the singing along.

This year, it was just to be my husband, the unborn babe, and I.  The day began with the husband making breakfast, each of us separating for our own errands (a chance encounter by the town square which showed he was doing some last-minute birthday buying), and later a leisurely lunch.  After, my husband disappeared and reappeared with a package of -- sausages!  He then proposed a mini-trip to the local castle Helfštýn, followed by a mini campfire on the land my husband inherited.

The sky was an unabashed blue and the weather fine enough for my cape, so off we went.  The route was ripe with bikers, but our arrival timed towards closing, so the castle was social without being crowded.  When we'd had enough of the coin-making exhibit, various metal sculptures, and obligatory couple selfies (to show our unborn child what a stable marriage her parents have), we set off for K's plot of land.  From a distance, it looks as if it's been spiked with toothpicks.  On closer examination, it's found to be about 70 tree saplings of a variety of fruit and nuts.

K conquered the wind to make a fire, and we enjoyed our sausages with mustard and bread.  There were no marshmallows to be had, but Baby doesn't have a sweet tooth, so we contented ourselves with Czech potato chips for dessert before packing things in the car and examining the tree buds.

The day ended with a tired husband (who toiled all day to make a lovely birthday for his wife) and a chatty wife Skyping her family.  All-in-all: a lovely day and a successful turning of the year.


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