From a Loyal Reader

Dear Charity,

I can't help but wonder what adventures you've been having.  Yesterday marked three weeks since your return to Europe, and I am brimming with curiosity about your happenings and whereabouts.  It's a Monday, and I can picture some deliciously European weekend behind you--a train ride, some new cuisine, and a quaint/blundering cultural mishap.  Now I envision you, settling back into the school-day with memories of your European spree dipping into your thoughts.  Where was it this time?  Another round in Budapest?  A quick day trip to Bratislava?  Some Czech village accessible only by a combination of train, bus, and a 5 km walk?  Whatever it was, I'm sure it was thrilling.

Considering that you haven't been writing as often, I'm entertaining more creative visions of your goings on.  Have you dug out the loaner bike to take some afternoon rides before the seasons turn?  Have you ventured out on your own to some other peaks of the Beskydy?  Perhaps you're industrially studying Czech again because you've found some Czech beau.  If so, you really ought to write about it.  (Perhaps you could even have a Czech entry one of these days, and I could laugh as I read it in google translate!)  Maybe you've met up with your Czech grandma again, and she's giving you private cooking lessons.  Or maybe there's some other folk art you're learning--dancing or bobby lace?  Details, please--and maybe even a tutorial?

Whatever it is, I'm sure your new job is a breeze at whatever that school is.  I'm glad you're a teacher, because that must leave gobs of time to run around.  It's the kind of job you don't have to take home with you, you know?  It's not the kind of job that gets under your skin and gives you stress dreams or the kind that invades your thoughts when you're at home.  You can know your work is finished for the day and be done.  Well, dear, once you've decided to catch a breather after all your adventuring, stop in and drop a line.



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