Morning's Dose of Beauty

It's a state holiday in the Czech Republic.  I'm sure many would spend this morning relishing in their ability sleep in.  My trained body woke up first at 4:15 AM then a bit before 6 AM.  Looking out my bright windows, I saw blue skies and tender green trees.  I left the flat to walk to the further grocery store.  The course of my walk was quickly changed as I saw what's pictured right.  There are lilacs, in bloom, and all along the road.  I was overwhelmed by how they sweetened the air.  I suddenly slowed my pace and eagerly drank all the beauty around me.

A couple months ago a friend asked me what the appeal of traveling was; I realized it was the experience of new beauty.  Spring gives the gift of transient beauty, available for precious few moments and only those who take the time to look for it.  So, I give you one breath, one glimpse of some of the transience in my neighborhood.

Returning from my morning errand, I was eager for an equally beautiful (and green) breakfast.  Good morning, world.


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