Views from My Panelák

There is something wonderfully healing about beauty.  When stir crazy in the winter or when despondent over being a foreigner, often it is an experience of beauty that restores me.  Perhaps it is because I can clearly see the hand of God.  As Dostoyevsky wrote " . .  . the artist has merely to be more keenly aware than others of the harmony of the world, of the beauty and ugliness of the human contribution to it, and to communicate this acutely to his fellow-men."  Travelling is one way that I refresh my beauty receptors.  Not only does the experience of new surroundings awaken me to new beauty, but I return back to my home with a fresh perspective, ready to see the beauty around me again.  Often it is the mountains that awake my sense of beauty here so that when I return to my panelák forest, I can see beauty in how the sunlight moves across the gaudily painted boxes of flats.  Having chosen to become a morning person this year, I have had a grand experience of many sunrises from my flat; moreover, my eleventh floor view gives me a nice outlook on my panelák kingdom.  So whether you're reading this from a nearby concerte box or from an old Victorian home in the ol' US of A, may this post prompt you to see the beauty around you.

If you haven't had enough you can view more photos here.


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