Spring in a Cemetery

I may seem consumed by the spring weather--the sunlight and the buds and blooms.  However, ever since my university study, I've realized how much I'm affected by sunlight, and how important it is to my well-being.  As such, I'm trying to enjoy it when I can.

Last weekend, I made a little trip to Prague to reconnect with people I know there.  We had a lovely, restful time together.  Saturday we met at a fabulous Indian place for a delicious lunch full of curry, turmeric  and lassi.  Then we had a walk through Prague Cemetery.  I've been there a couple times, once choosing it as the place for my morning run.  It never ceases to amaze me with its overgrown ivy and its surreal separation from the rest of the city.  This time, I was overcome by the delicate green of a spring progressing.  So, in continuation of my recent spring posts, here are a couple more photos to remind you to wake up to the beauty around you.


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